What to Bring

A valid, up-to-date passport is required and must be presented to immigration and customs officials, along with your government-issued identification card (such as a driver's license). Be sure to make copies of your passport and I.D., and keep them in a separate location in case your documents are lost or stolen.
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Cash is recommended, and while Dominica’s official currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, the United States dollar, the Euro, and the British Pound are widely accepted, along with major credit cards and traveler's checks.

If you require medication, also bring your prescription slip, or a note from your doctor. Be prepared to pay with cash or credit card at a doctor’s office, pharmacy or hospital.

Rental of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, special medical equipment and home health care products are available through Labco (tel 582-6651).

Airline tickets, plus written confirmation of hotel reservations, rental car reservations and any other pre-arranged activities are highly recommended.


Bring comfortable, light weight clothing that breathes. Support is key for shoes, especially if you plan to do a lot of hiking. Sandals and flip flops are best for meals, shopping or by the pool.

Swim Wear

While the beaches are not the main reason travelers come to Dominica, nearly every hotel has a pool, so at least one swimsuit is a good idea. Accessories include a cover up, sandals, a hat and sunglasses.

Toiletries and Health Care

Your hotel can likely provide anything you need, but a good rule of thumb is to bring whatever you use on a daily basis, from dental hygiene products, to hair care products to make-up. Sunscreen is a must!

While Dominica does not have poisonous snakes or bugs, mosquitoes can be a pest. Pack bug repellent plus hydrocortisone cream or Benadryl if you are bit.

What Else To Pack

The evening can get chilly and some restaurants are air conditioned. Pack a sweater or wrap to stay comfortable.

Electronics such as an e-reader, laptop, hand held video game, mp3 player, or DVD player are nice to have on hand. Bring enough batteries, or the proper power cords, and an adapter, to stay plugged in.

Don’t forget to your camera and any accessories, including an extra memory card.

If you’re concerned about late or lost luggage, bring one full change of clothes, small valuables, and a swimsuit in a carry-on bag